The Pointless Pursuit

The first step to coming to terms with an issue is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. I know that. I’m just clueless about the second step.

So I don’t know what everyone else has been up to lately, but I’ve been busy with work, family and after that – Project Discovery. Now, I like the idea of crowd sourcing tasks like this, and I hope that whatever result the scientists get out of this it helps them with their search for exoplanets. The main reason I involved myself with it was the glasses.

Did google image search on “cool glasses” and I was not let down.

I wanted those glasses.

I needed those glasses.

Now, sure, I could’ve bought them directly. Last check seemed to indicate they were far from expensive. But the hunt for those things became a thing, once I cracked the whole PD-thing.

And with “cracked” I mean I grokked it. It was difficult at first. I hovered around 50 % accuracy most of the time, sometimes pushing up to 70 and then slipping down again. But after a while it just clicked and I raced up to 90+ before finally landing and staying pretty put at 99 %.

Just a skip and a jump from there on, right? As the Orange One would’ve said: WRONG.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 7.51.37
I’m about to be glasses-buddy with that guy. Squeel.

A bit of background here for those not in the know but that have for some reason read this far: in this iteration of project discovery you look at a bunch of data and try to figure where if any there’s an indication of a planet passing between the observer and the star that’s being observed. A planet passing is indicated by a dip in the brightness of the star. There’s more to this than that but whatever.

For each result you put in you get experience points and at 99 % accuracy you get 89 experience points. Each level requires 3000 experience points. So that’s (MATH!) about 34 results you need to put in per level (not counting the 10 results every day that give double experience points). Each level gives you a reward: a lootbox with two SKINs (only 1 SKIN at the first 25 levels maybe?) and every once in a while you reach a milestone and get something extra – some clothing to your character or a BPC or a speshul skin.

The glasses are the last reward and are given at level 250.

Now, not counting the double experience thing, it took me about 11 minutes to do each level. Probably a lot more in the beginning? Not sure. Hey, lets round it down to 10. So 250 levels, at 10 minutes per level, equals 2500 minutes. Divide that by 60 and you get 41 hours and 40 minutes.

You can probably fiddle around with that math a bit and come up with a bit of a varying result but lets just all agree that it took me a little while before I got those glasses.

So take a moment now to try and picture my excitement as I boot up the character customization interface. How I flip around the menus and look up those cool frickin’ shades and put them on. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 8.15.00

Now imagine the cold feeling of disappointment. That shit right there? That’s a clipping error. That’s the frame of the glasses going right through the skull of my guy.

That’s quite the punchline after all those hours, I’d say.
Pictured: relevant commentary.



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