Get rich or leave a good looking killmail

And they all crave one thing: ISK.

The above is from the in-game tutorial back in oh I can’t remember. It’s also sampled in this most excellent song Above the Asteroids by DJ AlienHand.

Where was I?

Ah yes! I was making dank ISK killing Sleepers. Or well not really. It’s hard work killing those buggers, but I’m flying on a budget. I never was space rich, and whenever I managed to save up I spent it on awfully expensive things, like glasses or skill injectors for clones that never seem to undock.

dead sleepers.png
Kill them all. And loot their corpses. Leave none alive.

Even so, I feel it’s about time to take the jump into strategic cruisers. But they are expensive. Which isn’t bad if I can imagine earning back the money reasonably quick, using the ship. But I can’t see myself doing that. I have to say, the fastest and cheapest way to earn that I‘ve found is exploring. But it’s very random. You can have a drought spell for days and then you suddenly stumble over heaps of loot.

Some exploration

Today I went for a quick peek around a w-system and found it suitable for scanning. There was a citadel here, but from what I could tell it was owned by a Canadian corporation. Now, I don’t want to play into stereotypes here, but when I see Canadian I think “friendly”.

The system had a number of anomalies, filled with icky Sleepers, but I was short on time so I decided to scan down the signatures just in case there’s actually something here besides wormholes and gas sites. And ‘lo and behold, no fewer than three relic and two data sites.

For those of you who don’t know, the members of the Signal Cartel, or rather the alliance EvE-Scout Enclave, all adhere to the Credo. We won’t come after you, we’ll only defend ourselves. If we manage to kill your ship, and it happens, we won’t pod you. We’re nice. Cuddly. Space hippies. Totally, like, peaceful, man.

So we don’t PVP. And that’s weird to some, because EVE is all about PVP, right? And how boring is EVE without PVP? Well, I don’t know, but sitting in wormhole space hacking cans for isks while not knowing when and where you’ll get pounced upon by your would-be-murderers, that’s quite all the excitement I need with my coffee.

It’s also quite profitable.

The result of less than an hours work, and some luck. Lots of luck.

That 147 million is an estimate, but even so a pretty good haul from five sites, one of which sadly was practically empty. Bob giveth, and Bob teaseth. I don’t know what the loot’ll bring if and when I get it all to market. Currently I’m just stockpiling it. For fun. Like a dragon. But I did take the Ancillary Armor Repair BPC to a trade hub and debated selling it on contract or building and dumping the modules. It’s a hard choice. I can’t figure out a way to see what contracts have gone for (is there?) so it’s impossible to say if the, in my mind, overpriced contracts for BPCs are being sold or just left there to rot.

The sure thing seemed to be to build the modules and then either put them up for sale or just dump them unto a sell order. Everyone wins, everyone profits.

building saar
Total cost of material just north of half a mil. I should be able to dump them on the market for at least 1.3 mil each.



One thought on “Get rich or leave a good looking killmail

  1. I don’t want to stereotype either, but if you run sites in w-space owned by a Canadian Corp during hockey season, you can bet that they won’t bother you. Otherwise, they might kill you with kindness.


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