On the importance of planning

Just a few quick notes. I was so proud of my little notebook session but what I knew I wasn’t taking into account was the number of installations I could have in place on every planet. There’s an excellent tool for that but I wasn’t using it because I was on mobile (I was using a notebook! Like one of paper!).

When I started setting up my colonies I rushed it a bit and worked from left to right, just trying to make sure I was getting all the materials. Here is where I screwed up: I didn’t take into account that some of the materials I can only get from one type of planet. This was really stupid of me.


So, best case scenario: redo the colonies and just click a lot. There’s a lot of clicking involved. Worst case I need to start shifting stuff around and demolishing. So I lose a bit of ISK. The good news is that whatever I’ve already built it’s chugging along and building stuff. Just not necessarily as efficiently as it could be doing.

EVE is a measure twice, cut once, kind of game. Which I never learn.

Also, check out this pretty thing.



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